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Naked and Unashamed: Choosing God’s Divine Design for Sex

Naked and Unashamed Bible StudyNaked and Unashamed: Choosing God’s Divine Design for Sex (AMG Publishers, 2015) is a study for every woman. This journey will call you: to first examine your relationship with the Truth-Giver, Jesus Christ; to appreciate His divine design for sex; to understand His Word as the Number One weapon against deception; to recognize what masquerades as sexual intimacy; to discover His power in the midst of pain; to embrace the freedom of forgiving and being forgiven; to learn to lovingly help another with his or her sexual struggle; to find freedom in a sexually broken world; and to realize a new plan and a higher purpose for your life in God. When you are following God’s divine design, you will discover true sexual freedom.

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Raising Responsive Children: A Bible Study for Moms

Raising Responsive ChildrenRaising Responsive Children: A Bible Study for Moms (AMG Publishers, 2008) leads a mom to this truth: God’s desire is not just to change her children to do what she wants; it’s to change her, so that she’ll do what He wants in the lives of her family members. This study is for both married and single moms with children of all ages. It will teach you: who God is and what qualifies Him to be the ultimate Parent; the value of His Son’s role in the parenting process; familial burdens and sins that only He can break; parenting to each child’s God-designed uniqueness; exercising creative discipline such as natural and created consequences; five common challenges moms face in the parenting process; raising responsive young men and women in today’s culture; and the power of prayer to get you through the challenges of the growing up years. When you’re following God in your parenting, He won’t disappoint you.

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Enhancing Your Marriage: A Women's Bible Study

Enhancing Your Marriage Bible StudyEnhancing Your Marriage: A Women’s Bible Study (AMG Publishers, 2005) addresses every area of marriage: love, respect, attitude, commitment, friendship, sex, romance, communication, prayer. It will challenge you to let Him have full access to your life and to permit Him to re-tool your role as your husband’s wife in accordance with His truth, all the while shaping you into the image of His Son. Whether you study this book on your own or with a group, you will learn to enjoy and maximize the perks of your marriage while gaining a new freedom and confidence to address the problems in your marriage. When you’re following God, your relationship with your husband will become a purposeful adventure!

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Enhancing Your Marriage: A Couple's Bible Study

EYMCEnhancing Your Marriage: A Couple's Bible Study explores: the foundational relationship with the Author of life and how His attributes assist a couple in their marriage; the effect of The Fall on marriages and God's provision that enables us to return to His original intent; the many areas of marital "bliss"—covenant, unconditional love, forgiveness, respect, communication, headship, submission, romance, sexual intimacy, friendship, praying for each other, and more. Your marriage should reflect your relationship with Jesus Christ. To truly grow in it, you will shore up all areas with God's foundational principles by walking through 38 lessons together, or as a group, or as a Sunday School class. Work can be done in a classroom or at home with your spouse. There is Personal Application with each lesson—always between you and God, daily between you and your spouse, the purpose of which is to practice during the week what you are learning from God. When a couple follows God, He is able to do immeasurably more than they can ask or imagine through His power at work in them.

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