Family Life Today Interviews

Moving Closer to God and My Husband

Have you ever found yourself asking, "Is that all there is?" If so, you're not alone. Judy also asked herself that question just a few years after marrying the man of her dreams. Hear how Judy came to Christ, and how her faith commitment changed her life and her marriage.

Honoring My Husband Through Submission

Marriage is a process of understanding and honoring the differences between a man and a woman. Bible study teacher and international retreat speaker, Judy Rossi, tells how she came to appreciate her husband’s strength and what she’s come to know and appreciate about submission—adapting to his leadership.

Enhancing Your Romance In Your Marriage

What does it mean to romance your husband, especially if you’re waiting for him to romance you? Judy Rossi, author of the bible study, Enhancing Your Marriage, talks with Dennis and Bob about how to enhance your romance in your marriage.